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Do you trust your contractors? (What makes you trust your contractors)

Updated: May 16, 2023

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, employees must possess five characteristics to be considered competent. Your personal space and privacy are crucial aspects to consider while looking for a companion. In the course of a few weeks or months, you'll be welcoming strangers into your own house. It's possible to locate a trustable contractor if you use the following advice, along with thorough research and interviews.


You'll need a contractor who has dealt with similar tasks in the past. Contractors are no exception to the rule that no firm can survive if it has a bad reputation for providing poor service. A company that has been around for a long and has successfully completed projects similar to yours could be a good fit for you to work with. Assess their capacity to meet their commitments and please clients by looking at their previous work.

Licenses and Insurance

Always choose a licensed and certified contractor. The Contractors State License Board in California is one place where you may confirm your contractor's credentials. Substandard labor and unskilled technicians might result from a lack of proper training if you don't have it. A simple search on the CSLB website can reveal whether a business has a valid license.

Reputable and Recommended

The Better Business Bureau suggests getting at least three offers for a fair comparison of price and quality. On Yelp, you can see what the contractor has done for individual customers by looking at their reviews. In this section, you'll be able to examine how the firm rates professionalism, quality, pricing, and other factors.

The cheapest is not always best.

Choose your remodeler carefully, and don't decide just on price. Early bids, made before any design work has begun, are difficult to measure and should only be taken at face value. It's essential to take in the price, but it's just one component to consider while making a selection. Because you get what you pay for, it's critical to understand precisely what you're purchasing.

Superior service

The opinions of previous customers may be found in various places and platforms. There may be a reason why there aren't many reviews. Because anybody can post anything online, I'd want to provide you a warning here. If a remodeler has a slew of positive evaluations but just one negative one, it's safe to assume that their experience does not reflect most of their clients.

Listen to your intuition if something doesn't seem right or appears a bit weird. When things don't add up, our basic instincts alert us. Always do your research and look for credible sources of information you can get to find a trustable contractor.


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