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Different Patio Designs around the World

Updated: May 10, 2023

Are you planning to build a patio on your house? And looking for design inspirations from around the world to find the perfect patio that suits your home and your taste?

Check out these fantastic patio designs from around the world, and maybe, you'll find the one you've been looking for!

Tuscan Patio

These simple ideas can add Italian elegance and luxury to any outdoor area, from a warm fireplace to flower-covered trellises. The gardens of Tuscany have been lauded for their exquisite design because their landscapes reveal the tale of their past, from the Medici gardens to modest cottages among the undulating Tuscan hills. This style is all about having fun with life, nature, cuisine, and people. The décor should produce pleasant outdoor spaces to relax with family and friends while admiring the scenery.

Desert Patio

If you're planning to choose a desert theme, it's better to make sure there is a place for you and your family to stay cool while enjoying the patio; you can try enclosing it may be ideal for preventing excessive cold air loss. Organize sand regions around a brick base for a desert or Southwestern-style patio. Potted plants such as cactus, succulents, and hibiscus thrive in arid climates, and petrified, or cholla wood makes excellent accents for this look.

Secret Garden Patio

Forget your troubles and anxieties, and take a walk into your secret garden patio, a perfect private space where you may unwind your senses. Offering all of the advantages of a garden, plus the intimacy you've wanted to ensure that no one bothers you while you're there.

Beach Patio

Maybe you want a summer vibe? Try to put some thatch umbrellas and hammock chairs with cushions in your own backyard to make the most of a beach environment. Framing your patio with louvered walls and palm plants is an excellent idea as it allows the patio to remain open while offering some shade from the blazing heat. When you combine everything from tableware and drinkware to seating, decorations, and even entertainment, you can easily create a bright, joyful place for your patio event.

Morrocan Patio

How about a Morrocan style from Northern Africa? This beautiful country is distinguished by its own Eastern flair. Its style is trendy because of its brilliant hues and exotic charm. If you want a Moroccan-style patio, you'll need vibrant fabric – baldachins, geometrically designed cushions, rugs, low tables and chairs, colorful ottomans and poufs, and, of course, their magnificent Moroccan lamps! Eastern lanterns are a specific topic; they are made of metal and glass, are multicolored, and have a candle within - the genuine beauty of the East!

A patio should express something about who you are and what you enjoy doing. You can also bring the culture to your place! An open-air environment with an airy cloth to give a permeable barrier and the weather provides the ideal blend of escape and "home sweet home." Whatever your dream getaway is, you may build a small piece of it within a few steps of your house.


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