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Despite tensions, energy market shows 'a bit of euphoria'

Amidst geopolitical tensions spiking and pushing up oil prices, a senior portfolio manager highlights a surprising sentiment in the energy market: euphoria. Despite concerns about dwindling inventories expected to hit multi-year lows in the summer, Eric Nuttall, a partner and senior portfolio manager at Ninepoint Partners, remains upbeat about the oil market's current state.

Nuttall emphasizes that the oil market is fundamentally tight, with demand outpacing bearish predictions. This unexpected resilience comes amidst worries about the U.S. economy's slowdown. Nuttall points out that inventories are on track to hit multi-year lows by summer, indicating the depth of this tightness.

Key factors contributing to this tightness include supply pressures, particularly in U.S. Shale production, and the effectiveness of production cuts by Saudi Arabia and OPEC+. Despite these pressures, Nuttall dismisses the notion of a significant political risk premium affecting the market.

Reflecting on recent market dynamics, Nuttall notes that earlier this year, there was anticipation that oil prices could reach US$80 by summer. Although there's been a slight increase in prices, Nuttall cautions against excessive optimism, suggesting that the market may be getting ahead of itself by a few months.

He acknowledges that oil prices are currently inflated by a few dollars and a few months, indicating a potential overestimation of the market's current state. However, Nuttall maintains a positive outlook, expressing confidence in the market's trajectory.

Despite the current euphoria and overheating in the energy market, Nuttall remains optimistic about its future prospects. He underscores that while the market may be slightly ahead of itself, the overall outlook remains favorable.

In summary, despite escalating geopolitical tensions and concerns about dwindling inventories, the energy market is experiencing an unexpected sense of euphoria. Nuttall's insights shed light on the underlying dynamics driving this sentiment, emphasizing the market's resilience in the face of challenges. While caution is warranted due to potential overheating, Nuttall's optimism signals confidence in the market's long-term trajectory.

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