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Design Tips for a Tiny House

Updated: May 10, 2023

Just because you have a tiny house doesn't mean you are limited to beautifying it. You can improve its appearance or make it seem spacious as it looks, with the right choices.

Tiny houses provide a more flexible way to live, whether as an off-the-grid hideaway or as a means to live more simply and affordably. Though you may be able to acquire ready-made designs or even prefab models, many people got into tiny houses because they had unique ideas; keep those personal touches in mind while also considering the following design guidelines.

1. Fold-Down Furniture

Folding furniture is a staple of compact house design. This usually relates to desks and tables, but with a bit of ingenuity, you can definitely come up with a plethora of other applications. Many people do this with benches because there are no restrictions; you may experiment and even create your own design.

2. Efficient Wall Designs

Any wall that isn't being used for something practical should be converted into bookshelves. The more objects you can hang or keep on the wall, the less clutter there will be on your kitchen countertop. But consider how much drawer space you'd need for your utensils if you stored them vertically instead of horizontally.

3. Go Below The Waist

It is better to keep the majority of your items below waist level. This will allow you more room and move about without your shoulders and arms collapsing. Although the kitchen may be an exception, it is generally recommended that everything above waist level is kept out of the way.

4. High Ceiling

If you're going to construct on a trailer, choose one that permits you to add extra height to your tiny house. Any little house with a shed, gable, or another type of ceiling that extends as high as feasible will feel much larger. Low-sitting furniture will also help to give you the impression of more room and more wall real estate.

5. Windows and Mirrors

In addition to bringing in natural light, windows will assist make the home feel larger, it is an excellent way to experience Mother Nature from the comfort of your own home.

You should have at least one choice that shows you from head to toe, but this can also boost the apparent size of your house. Some tiny house owners have even created a whole wall out of mirrors since it is a terrific way to scatter light and make the space appear larger.

6. Light Colours Only

While the floor and outside may be any color you desire, keep the ceiling and walls light and airy to make the inside feel more spacious.

7. Multi-purpose Space

You might have another section where seats can flip out into a guest bed, or the cushions are removed for more storage space if you have a kitchen that folds into the wall. The goal isn't to use all of your areas for as many different functions as possible to fit more junk and items you won't need. Remember to make the most of every square inch in the room.

8. Avoid Partitions

One approach to maximize the space in your compact house is to remove any superfluous dividers. This is how you combine a home office, dining area, and guest bedroom into one room. Limit the number of partition walls to one or two that are only necessary for privacy or a bathroom.

9. Try Sliding Walls

If you determine that extra barriers are required, consider employing foldable or sliding walls. When individuals want seclusion, though, having flexible barriers makes your square footage appear much larger - and they're also significantly more economical.

10. Storage

Storage is an essential component of every home, regardless of size. Don't allow your storage to become a crutch for keeping/purchasing goods you don't truly require. You can conceal storage wherever, from the floorboards to sitting alternatives beneath your bed. Consider all of the items you intend to bring inside the tiny house and then add a little additional room.

11. Consider a Deck

A deck allows you to quickly get outside and enjoy the scenery. It may also be an extra room if you need some alone time. Decks also create a natural link to the outside world, which can help alleviate any claustrophobia.

12. Loft Beds

The loft bed is a popular architectural method for compact houses. It's a particularly appealing feature for trailer houses because they don't require a whole top level. This way, if your partner wants to sleep but you want to stay up a little later, it's not a problem.

13. Space Under The Stairs

If you're constructing a tiny house, make sure you optimize the area beneath the steps as well, rather than just putting a concrete staircase. You might have a basic crawlspace, drawers that extend out or leave the area completely open. If your tiny house is large enough to include a second story, you may utilize stairs to reach there.

14. Shower + Bathroom

Some tiny house owners have integrated their bathroom and shower to conserve space and limit the amount of area they have to deal with. Using your toilet while in the shower is no more difficult than having a shower with a toilet in the stall. In fact, with the seat down, you can shower while sitting!


Trying to fit everything in and make it look nice is a huge task, which is what makes tiny house design so enjoyable. Whether you live in a studio apartment, these design ideas will make it feel much larger yet stylish. It is always better to plan smartly and act smartly. This way, you can utilize your house without making it look messy or clumpy because every nooks and spaces matter.