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Cyber Monday with iTaskApp

The beginning of the holiday shopping season moves up the calendar each year. Cyber Monday, the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend's Black Friday sales, is a major shopping day. The rising cost of living has made consumers more determined than ever to reduce their Christmas spending, especially when stores offer deeper discounts on various goods. It's an excellent chance to stock up on necessities before Christmas. As the name implies, Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday, when people go crazy buying online.

We've got you covered whether you need to buy an appliance, new clothes, furniture, or even a luxury mattress. Although the purpose of Christmas shopping is to spark ideas for presents, this time of year is also ideal for finally getting around to those much-needed house improvements. The iTaskApp team, therefore, is providing you with several Cyber Monday deals to take advantage of.

Painting - Get a Free Quote ($25 OFF)

Save the trouble of painting by hiring a professional who will paint your chosen areas with fantastic results.

Shelf Mounting ($25 OFF)

Save space in your living/work area, and install a shelf mount into your location to provide a nice, clean look. Technicians will mount the furniture securely using the proper fasteners and tools, whether the wall is stone, brick, or drywall.

Hardwood Floor Installation ($25 OFF)

Hardwood floor installation is for homeowners looking to restore and repair the hardwood floor around their homes.

TV Installation and Mount ($25 OFF)

Save space in your living/work area, and install a wall mount into your location to provide a nice, clean look.

External Window Sealing and Caulking ($25 OFF)

Improve your home energy efficiency and reduce the hydro bill.

Why book with iTaskApp?

iTaskApp is a one-stop shop that facilitates communication between seasoned service providers like yourself and eager local clients. Our platform allows service companies to grow their customer base and revenue.

The quality of the service provided is a significant factor in establishing contentment among customers. Customer satisfaction rises as services improve in quality. As a result, we work hard to provide even better service to our valued patrons. Only by signing up for iTaskApp will you have access to this feature. Provide assistance in whatever way you can, whether with a household task or a quick errand.

In that case, why delay any longer? Check out our website at or get the app from the app store. Plus, take advantage of Cyber Monday's lowest prices ever! If you are interested in our deals and new offerings, follow us on the many social networking sites we maintain.



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