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City to add R1 express bus service Monday while LRT remains off the rails

OTTAWA —In response to the ongoing LRT (Light Rail Transit) shutdown, OC Transpo is set to introduce the R1 Express bus service on Monday, providing a vital lifeline for commuters in Ottawa, Canada[1]. Since July 17, the $2.1-billion Confederation Line has been suspended due to a technical issue involving excess grease on one of the light rail vehicles' axles. As a result, the planned limited resumption of LRT services has been postponed, leaving many commuters in need of alternative transportation solutions.

To bridge this gap, the R1 Express bus service will operate between Blair Station and downtown stations, running approximately every 15 minutes during weekdays [1]. With a total of 12 buses initially deployed, the new service is designed to supplement the existing R1 bus routes. The R1 Express buses will be identified as R1 Lyon Express (westbound) and R1 Blair Express (eastbound), respectively.

Renée Amilcar, the city's general manager of transit services, confirmed the postponement of the LRT service resumption and mentioned that the investigation into the LRT issue is ongoing [2]. Updates on the situation are expected to be provided on Monday, bringing some clarity to the timeline for the LRT's restoration.

The introduction of the R1 Express bus service is expected to alleviate some of the transportation challenges caused by the LRT closure and provide commuters with a viable alternative for their daily travels [2]. The service will cater to the morning and afternoon peak hours, operating westbound in the mornings and eastbound in the afternoons.

As the city works diligently to address the technical problem with the LRT system, the R1 Express bus service will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth movement of people within the city [3]. With an efficient and reliable bus network temporarily supplementing the suspended LRT, commuters can continue to reach their destinations with minimal disruptions.

The R1 Express bus service is set to commence on Monday, and OC Transpo urges passengers to check for updates and schedule adjustments as the investigation into the LRT issue progresses [3]. By offering this supplementary service, the city aims to maintain its commitment to providing accessible and reliable public transportation, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.




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