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Car Maintenance For This November

Many folks will be going to see loved ones during the holidays. We care about your safety and the safety of your vehicle on the roads this Thanksgiving, so we've compiled a list of tips for getting to and from your various holiday events. When driving in less-than-ideal weather or road conditions, we want to ensure you're not caught off guard for your safety.

The arrival of a new season serves as a timely prompt to check the state of one's automobile and take preventative measures against any potential breakdowns. Everything you need to know about auto care is right here. However, remember that the maintenance procedure will vary from car to automobile, so your specific needs may vary depending on factors such as your vehicle's make and model, engine, gearbox, and even upholstery.

1. Do a Safety Check on Your Vehicle.

Do this first and foremost this month. Verify there are no mechanical problems with your car's operation. Don't waste any time fixing issues that may be discovered.

2. Make Sure Your Tires Are OK.

This month is also an excellent time to inspect your tires. See to it that they are fully inflated and have enough tread. Your vehicle's safety depends on properly inflated tires. Using a penny as a gauge for tread depth is quick and easy. A dashboard warning light is standard on most modern automobiles. If your vehicle's tire pressure warning light turns on, immediately check your tires.

3. Examine Your Car Fluids.

This month is also an excellent time to make sure all of your fluid levels are checked. Oil, coolant, and braking fluids all fall under this category. Check that everyone is at the right height. The significance of keeping up with fluid intake and output cannot be overstated. They are essential to the smooth operation of your car and to its durability and fuel economy.

4. Make Sure Your Wipers are Working Properly.

It's also essential to inspect the wipers on your vehicle this month. Check to see whether they are worn out and if they are effectively washing your windshield. Wiper blades should be changed every 8-12 months as a rule. Bending, odd sounds, creaking, or uneven patterns made by the wipers all indicate they need to be replaced. Never try using these to remove ice from your car's windshield. Before the cold weather sets in, ensure you have enough washer fluid on hand.

5. Examine Your Car Light.

The lighting in your home should be inspected this month. Verify that all of your lights are illuminated and directed correctly. The same goes for your turn signals, turn, stop, and reverse lights, as well as your headlights. Not having any of this functioning properly may lead to severe consequences, including potential financial losses due to traffic violations.

6. Perform a Battery Check.

Now might be an excellent opportunity to check your battery if you haven't done so recently. Check that the battery connections are clean and still holding a charge. Then it could be time to get a new one. The average new automobile battery has a lifespan of one year. The average lifespan of a store-bought, aftermarket battery is between three and five years. Note that after the third year of life, you should check your battery to determine whether it still has life.

7. Be Sure to Check the Oil.

This month is also an excellent time to check your oil level. You could want to add extra if it's too low. Doing so will aid in maintaining optimal engine performance. Depending on the manufacturer's guidelines, motor oil should be changed every 4,000 to 10,000 kilometers or every three months to a year. Use the dipstick to see whether the oil level needs to be changed. Remember that engine oil oxidizes and degrades over time, even when not used.

8. The Coolant Needs to Be Checked.

This is an excellent month to also check your coolant level. Possibly more should be added if it's low. Doing so will aid in preventing the engine from overheating. Once every ten years or 160,000 kilometers, whichever comes first, you should clean the coolant system. Using the kind of coolant specified in your owner's handbook is crucial since not all of it is equivalent. Avoid using premix or concentrate if you're just topping up. Instead of regular water, use distilled water to ensure the level never drops too low.

9. Brakes Check.

This month is an excellent time to inspect your brakes, too. Listen to any unusual sounds they make, and ensure they aren't too worn out to be helpful. If that's the case, it could be time for a change. All you need to stop is your master cylinder, brake lines, calipers, and rotors. One component that requires maintenance is the brake fluid. The whole system must be tested every 10,000 kilometers or once a year.

10. Be Sure to Check the Tire Pressure!

Checking your tire pressure regularly is a must. Ideally, you'd do this once every month or two, and November would be a great time to begin. You risk premature tire wear and a blowout if your tires aren't properly inflated. You can generally find the recommended tire pressure for your car either on the inside of the driver's door jamb or in the handbook. Tire pressure might drop dramatically throughout the night because of the cold. A tire's lifespan may be shortened by over- or under-inflation, leading to a less-than-smooth ride and early wear.

While being stranded is the last thing we want for you, having a road-ready vehicle is essential to your peace of mind. The well of your loved ones, as well as your own, must be a top priority. Think about how the weather and driving conditions are right now. There are many potential distractions for drivers, which is especially dangerous when road conditions are poor.

Vehicles get better care now that there is maintenance software in place. Keeping your automobile in good shape means it will last longer and be worth more when you want to sell it. Maintenance keeps cars functioning smoothly with little downtime, prevents important mechanical components from wearing out prematurely, and extends the vehicle's useful life.





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