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Capital gains changes in budget will raise taxes for many: tax accountant

The recent unveiling of the federal budget brought forth a series of amendments to Canada's tax regulations, with one particular alteration poised to significantly impact the landscape: the adjustment to Canada's capital gains tax framework.

Ali Spinner, Tax Partner at Crowe Soberman LLP, emphasized the substantial implications of this change in a recent interview. Capital gains materialize when an investor divests an asset like stocks, real estate, or a business. Presently, beyond the $250,000 personal exemption, half of any capital gain is subject to taxation at the filer's marginal rate. However, under the proposed adjustments, 66 percent of the gain will be factored into the taxable income.

For capital gains below the $250,000 threshold, the tax inclusion rate remains at 50 percent. The impending enforcement of these new regulations, set for June 25, may drive numerous Canadians to consider liquidating assets before the deadline.

Spinner emphasizes the necessity of consulting with accountants to assess the implications thoroughly: "You actually have to make sure you connect with your accountant and work through the numbers to see what the true tax rate is going to be because you may find your tax rate could be closer to 33 percent before June 25." She underscores that these modifications underscore the importance of seeking professional tax guidance in specific scenarios.

In practical terms, many taxpayers will witness a 33 percent surge in their taxable income. Spinner highlights the magnitude of this adjustment: "This is huge. The amount of time that you would have to wait before being in an equivalent tax position… is likely over 15 years."

The proposed alterations to Canada's capital gains tax system are expected to have far-reaching consequences, prompting individuals to reconsider their financial strategies and potentially accelerate asset sales before the new regulations take effect. Spinner's insights shed light on the urgency of assessing one's tax situation and seeking expert advice to navigate these changes effectively.



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