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Canada’s average home price fell last month — with insiders watching for a shift following Bank of Canada rate cut

Canada's housing market experienced a decline in average home prices last month, stirring interest among real estate insiders. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the average selling price of homes dropped amid a backdrop of rising interest rates and economic uncertainty. This decrease in home prices reflects a broader trend seen across various regions in the country, with notable declines in major markets like Toronto and Vancouver.

This downturn comes as the Bank of Canada recently announced a rate cut, aiming to stimulate the economy and manage inflation. The central bank's decision to lower its key interest rate has prompted speculation among industry experts about potential changes in the housing market. Lower interest rates generally make borrowing cheaper, which could increase homebuyer activity and potentially stabilize or even boost home prices in the coming months.

Despite the drop in prices, the real estate market has shown signs of resilience. The CREA reported a 3.7% increase in home sales between December 2023 and January 2024, suggesting a rebound in buyer interest. This uptick is partly attributed to pent-up demand and a chronic shortage of available homes, which continues to put pressure on the market. As a result, some realtors are optimistic that the rate cut could spur further activity and eventually lead to a stabilization of prices.

Looking ahead, many economists predict that the housing market could see a shift as more buyers take advantage of lower interest rates. However, the extent of this recovery will depend on various factors, including the overall economic environment and the Bank of Canada's future monetary policy decisions. For now, both buyers and sellers are closely watching the market for signs of change following the recent rate cut.



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