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Calgary home sales fall in June but still above long-term trends: board

Calgary's home sales in June saw a dip, but they still remain strong when looking at long-term trends. According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, the city experienced a decline in the number of homes sold last month compared to previous months. However, the overall market remains healthy, and sales are still higher than what has been seen over the years.

The board reported that despite the drop, the housing market in Calgary is still performing better than expected. This trend suggests that while there might be short-term fluctuations, the long-term outlook for Calgary’s real estate market is positive. Factors such as low inventory and high demand continue to play a role in keeping the market active.

One reason for the decrease in June sales could be attributed to the rising interest rates, which have made it more expensive for buyers to finance their homes. However, the strong demand for housing in Calgary is helping to balance out the effects of these higher costs. Buyers are still interested in purchasing homes, which keeps the market stable.

Overall, Calgary’s real estate market shows resilience despite the recent dip in sales. The Calgary Real Estate Board remains optimistic, noting that the market's performance is still above historical averages. This stability provides a sense of confidence for both buyers and sellers, indicating that the city’s housing market remains robust and promising for the future.



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