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Boredom: Good or Bad For Kids?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Let's say it is a fine afternoon, and your child is bored and has nothing to do. And you're maybe wondering if being bored has good or bad effects on kids.

Being bored is neither good nor bad for us, and here are some reasons why.

According to Stephanie Lee, PsyD, director of the Center for ADHD and Behavioral Disorders at the Child Mind Institute, it's normal for children to be bored sometimes and it can help them learn valuable things and explore their creativity. (Miller, 2021)

  • They are compelled to be more creative and inventive.

  • People who are given a variety of tiresome jobs exhibit more inventiveness when asked to participate in creative thinking activities.

  • Boredom can also help children become more mindful and be conscious of their surroundings.

  • Children learn by making those discoveries.

According to Jodi Musoff, MA, MEd, an educational specialist at the Child Mind Institute, it is not boredom in and of itself that helps children develop these skills; rather, it is what they do with their boredom that helps them learn these skills. She also claimed that children do not plan their days, but when they work on a project to kill time, they must plan ahead of time, manage their resources, and deal with challenges. (Miller, 2021)

In contrast with this, there are some arguments where people and organizations disagree with children being bored.

According to the Institute for Family Studies or IFS, an organization for marriage and family strengthening, boredom makes us feel bad and produces negative outcomes. They stated that they have not discovered single research in which boredom in children was investigated in any way. The only research they found supports the view that boredom is unpleasant and unsatisfying, leaving individuals who experience it yearning for escape.

  • Boredom teaches children to entertain themselves, be creative, and simply get on with it.

  • Boredom is bad for our health since it relates to negative results and well-being and can push us to make harmful and risky decisions.

  • Bored kids are 50 percent more likely than their classmates to start smoking, drinking, and using illegal substances.

  • Easily bored adults are more likely to suffer from melancholy and anxiety and have a lower sense of life satisfaction.

Whether boredom is good or bad for children, parents should always be there to support and assist their children when they need it and allow them to grow and learn independently. Although it will be hard at first, eventually, they will be able to grasp the situation.

When we allow things to slow down for our children, we may make good use of a playhouse, a sandpit, or a box of dress-up clothing. Boredom is not the same as manageable downtime, and there are no benefits to forcing boredom on them.

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