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Back to School Car Maintenance Checklist

Early September will be here before you know it, and you know what that means! Here comes the start of another school year! As a result, you need to get your car ready. College students need to have their vehicles serviced before heading back to school. Now is the time to have your car checked out and fixed up before starting the new school year in a few weeks. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the daily grind of work, school, and after-hours activities!

We have compiled a list of potential auto maintenance tasks for your convenience. Read on for a listing:

Check the oil level first.

Ensure your oil is at the right level and that of your car. Honest Accurate Auto Service offers no-cost oil inspections. Your 2004 Honda's increased oil consumption may be attributed to its almost 225,000 kilometers.

Make sure your headlights are in working order by checking them.

Darkness arrives early and lingers late as the year winds down. With the help of a buddy, double-check that your vehicle's lights (both forward and reverse) and turn signals (both left and right) are functioning correctly. Punishable by law is the intentional destruction of a braille light.

You should check your brakes.

Brakes are put through a lot, so keeping an eye on how well they're functioning is essential. Brake pads made of tough material may survive for a long time, but they often make a lot of noise when they wear out. Regular maintenance is required to keep the brake pads and rotors wearing at the same rate.

Check your tire pressure.

Only your car's tires really make contact with the road. You can't safely turn or stop on snow or ice without high-quality tires' traction. If the tread wears off at different rates in different tire parts, you may want to rotate them.

Get new windshield wipers and fill up the washer reservoir.

Visibility has a crucial role in ensuring the safety of drivers. In inclement weather, ensure your windshield wipers and fluid are in good working order.

You should top out the fluids.

To ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle, you should routinely check the amounts and quality of all the fluids it uses. The engine and gearbox stay cold and well-oiled thanks to the coolant and transmission fluids. The availability of fluid and the absence of leaks in the system need regular level checks.

Check the Batteries.

Depending on use, batteries may need to be replaced every three to five years because of gradual degradation. Corrosion on battery posts and cables must be cleaned regularly to keep the amperage level constant.

Double-check your license, registration, and insurance.

Keep proof of insurance and registration in the glove compartment and a copy of your driver's license or student ID in the visor. When added to your current policy, Roadside Assistance may help you in an emergency for as little as $5 per month.

Create a Disaster Supply Kit for Your Automobile

Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car. Do yourself a favor and bring one along if your automobile doesn't already have one. If your car's battery ever dies, you'll want one that comes with a pair of jumper cables.

Verify Jack and Spare Tire

Keep a fully functional spare tire and jack in the vehicle. Having a flat tire is bad enough, but finding out that you don't have a spare is much worse.

Remember many details while heading back to class, and your car's needs are essential among them. It's necessary to check your automobile's brakes, belts, and battery regularly. Having sufficient vehicle insurance is necessary for your safety. Make sure your car is in top shape for the next year with the help of this checklist.


If you have any questions about this automobile checklist for returning to school, please download iTaskApp or visit our website at . It is our pleasure to help you get your automobile ready for the next school year. Auto maintenance that is performed ahead of time keeps you and your car happy and on the road. Keeping up with your car's maintenance can ensure that you and your children go to school on time and safely.



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