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Avoid the Queensway again this weekend

OTTAWA —Attention commuters and drivers in Ottawa! Brace yourselves for another round of road closures on the Queensway this weekend as the city moves forward with crucial Light Rail Transit (LRT) construction work. The closure is scheduled to take place from July 28 at 11 p.m. until July 31 at 5 a.m. The upcoming closure is part of the ongoing Stage 2 West extension of the LRT, which aims to enhance neighborhood connectivity and provide easy access to the future Queensview Station [1].

The primary purpose of this closure is to facilitate the installation of a pedestrian bridge, a significant milestone in the expansion of the LRT network. While the closure is essential for progress and development, it will undoubtedly cause inconvenience to motorists who rely on the Queensway for their daily commute. Various ramps along the highway will also be closed during this period, further impacting traffic flow in the area.

To ensure smooth traffic management and minimize disruptions, detours will be set up for both westbound and eastbound drivers. However, commuters are advised to plan their routes in advance and explore alternative transportation options if possible. Being prepared can help avoid unexpected delays and ensure a smoother journey during this construction period.

The closure comes on the heels of a recent bridge replacement at Bronson Avenue, highlighting the city's commitment to enhancing infrastructure and improving transportation for residents. As Ottawa continues to grow and evolve, such construction projects are vital in keeping the city's transportation network efficient and up-to-date.

In addition to this upcoming closure, Ottawa residents can expect further road closures and disruptions in the coming weeks. The Percy Street Bridge is scheduled for replacement from August 10 to 14, which will require additional road closures and detours. As frustrating as these disruptions may be, they are essential for the long-term improvement of the city's transportation infrastructure.

As we approach the weekend, it's crucial for drivers to stay informed about traffic updates and road closures. Staying up-to-date with real-time traffic information from reliable sources can help plan alternative routes and avoid unnecessary delays.

The city authorities are working diligently to complete these construction projects efficiently and with minimal impact on commuters. However, it is also essential for drivers to exercise patience and understanding during these temporary closures, keeping in mind the long-term benefits that these infrastructure upgrades will bring to the community.

So, if you have plans to travel this weekend, especially along the Queensway, it's advised to plan your journey accordingly, anticipate possible delays, and consider using public transportation whenever possible. Let's all work together to ensure a safe and smooth commute for everyone during this crucial phase of the LRT expansion project.




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