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'Architectural marvel' near Whistler Mountain for sale for $11.9 million

In the heart of British Columbia's majestic mountains, a one-of-a-kind residence has graced the real estate market, capturing the attention of architectural enthusiasts and prospective homeowners alike. Priced at just under $12 million, the Hadaway House, a creation of the esteemed Patkau Architects, stands as a true testament to innovative design and luxury living.

Situated in Whistler's Sunridge Plateau, a stone's throw away from the bustling Whistler Village, this architectural marvel has been aptly labeled as such by Zoocasa, the premier real estate listing site. Patkau Architects, renowned for their noteworthy contributions to iconic structures like the Audain Art Museum in Whistler and the Capilano Library in Edmonton, have once again showcased their prowess with the Hadaway House.

Earning the prestigious 2008 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence, the Hadaway House boasts a design that seamlessly blends various materials, including steel, wood, glass, and concrete. The result is a striking geometric masterpiece that stands out against the breathtaking backdrop of Whistler's natural beauty.

The residence spans 4,497 square feet and offers a harmonious fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces. With three bedrooms and four bathrooms, this home caters to both comfort and sophistication. Miele kitchen appliances grace the culinary space, while an attached office area provides a serene work environment. A patio, complete with a hot tub, adds an extra touch of luxury to the outdoor living experience.

What sets the Hadaway House apart are its panoramic views of the Whistler valley, made possible by soaring ceilings, inspiring geometric folds, and grand windows strategically placed throughout the residence. The interplay between architectural innovation and the surrounding landscape creates an unparalleled perspective that is both breathtaking and serene.

The master bedroom, located on the upper level, takes full advantage of the scenic beauty with a large triangular corner window that frames the landscape like a living masterpiece. Meanwhile, the two bedrooms on the lower level feature horizontal strip windows that stretch the length of a wall, offering a unique connection between the interior and the exterior.

"Indoor and outdoor living areas provide a diversity of unique spaces to host unforgettable gatherings, both large and small," notes the listing on Zoocasa. The Hadaway House is not merely a residence; it's an experience, inviting its inhabitants to immerse themselves in the seamless blend of artistry and nature.

For those with a taste for the extraordinary and a desire to reside in a true architectural gem, the opportunity to own the Hadaway House is now within reach. Priced at $11.9 million, this home stands as a testament to the enduring allure of design innovation and the boundless beauty of Canada's mountainous landscapes.

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