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Absolutely extraordinary' Montreal industrial market begins to slow

Montreal's industrial market experienced rapid growth during the pandemic due to heightened demand for logistics and e-commerce spaces. This led to record-low vacancy rates and soaring rental prices. However, the market is now showing signs of stabilization. Developers are completing numerous projects, adding more inventory to the market. This increased supply is a key factor in the rising vacancy rates.

Despite these changes, Montreal's industrial market remains robust. The demand for smaller industrial spaces is particularly strong, driven by local businesses and smaller logistics companies. These smaller spaces are crucial for companies needing quick access to urban centers. However, larger companies are exploring options to purchase properties, aiming for greater control and stability in their operations.

Future growth might be tempered by potential new taxes and regulations. Proposed changes could impact profitability and increase operating costs for industrial property owners. Stakeholders are watching these developments closely, as they could influence investment decisions and the overall health of Montreal's industrial market in the coming years. 

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