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A Stress-Free Morning Routine for Back to School

Even if everything goes according to plan, parents should think about how they can keep their cool if anything unexpected happens. The morning routine might be the most stressful due to the endless supply of little dramas, from forgotten schoolwork to misplaced shoes. If you and your kid can come up with a strategy that benefits you both, you'll be able to avoid most of the tension when these goals are at odds with one another.

The hustle and bustle of getting children ready for school is a source of stress for most parents. Figure up the morning's schedule and what must be done the night before. You should be firm and explicit with your loved ones about what you anticipate from them first thing in the morning. You can make your family feel more at ease and prepared for the day ahead by instituting a routine that works for everyone.

Stress-free morning routine for your child

Get to know your kid's personality

If your kid is more of a night owl than a morning person, you may consider scheduling activities like spelling and music practice for later in the day instead of making them get up earlier. Some individuals have little trouble waking up early, while others need a little more time. Spending time getting to know your child's personality can help you implement changes that will make mornings easier for everyone.

Prepare everything before going to sleep

Preparing as much as possible the night before may help the morning go more quickly. Everything that can be done ahead of time to make the journey simpler should be. Get your bags ready to leave the following day by hanging them up the night before. Encourage your children to plan their school attire the night before. At the beginning of the week, pack some snacks and lunches that you can quickly grab and go. Even if it seems like a lot of effort now, in the long run, you'll be able to save time and have a less stressful morning routine.

Let's get enough sleep

When school is out for the summer, most kids throw their regular sleep schedules out the window. The late nights and early mornings will throw each person's schedule. Get the kids on a regular sleep schedule at least a week before school begins to give them time to acclimate. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old are encouraged by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to get between 9 and 12 hours of sleep every night.