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A plan for Swansea Mews is coming, says Toronto’s new public housing boss — two years after devastating ceiling collapse

Two years after a major ceiling collapse forced residents to evacuate Swansea Mews, Toronto's new public housing leader promises a redevelopment plan is on the way. The incident, which caused significant damage and displaced many families, highlighted the urgent need for repairs and revitalization in the public housing complex.

According to the new public housing boss, the upcoming plan aims to address not only the immediate structural issues but also to enhance the overall living conditions for residents. This includes modernizing facilities, improving safety standards, and ensuring that such incidents do not happen again in the future.

Residents of Swansea Mews have been eagerly awaiting news of redevelopment, expressing concerns over prolonged displacement and the condition of their homes. The public housing authority has acknowledged these concerns and is working closely with the community to ensure their needs and voices are heard in the planning process.

The plan, which is expected to be unveiled soon, marks a significant step toward providing safer and better-quality housing for the residents of Swansea Mews. The new public housing leadership is committed to making substantial improvements and restoring confidence in the city's public housing system.



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