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A million people bid on just three apartments in Seoul’s Gangnam

Demand for real estate in Seoul’s Gangnam area remains robust, with more than a million people vying for just three units at The H Firstier IPark, a newly reconstructed apartment complex. The surge in applications highlights the enduring allure of the affluent district, even as the broader real estate market in South Korea grapples with challenges.

Previously, The H Firstier IPark was a dated, four-decade-old complex that underwent a transformation by Hyundai Engineering and Construction along with HDC Hyundai Development Co. The three units that garnered immense interest were priced at the pre-sale rate from four years ago, making them particularly appealing amidst market fluctuations.

In South Korea, it is customary for individuals to purchase apartments before construction commences due to cost advantages, allowing buyers to pay in installments over subsequent years. However, stiff competition necessitates government regulations, giving preference to larger households or those who have not owned property for an extended period.

The availability of the three units in The H Firstier IPark resulted from pre-sale buyers retracting their commitments, as reported by the Korea Real Estate Board, a state-run agency. Notably, these units, having reached completion, are exempt from certain regulatory prioritization, further contributing to their attractiveness.

An additional draw for potential buyers is the apartments' proximity to private education centers and esteemed public high schools within the Gangnam district. This strategic location adds value to the properties, aligning with the preferences of those seeking educational amenities in the vicinity.

The impending announcement of successful bidders, scheduled for Thursday, adds an element of anticipation to the already intense competition. The outcome will unveil the fortunate individuals who will secure a place in these sought-after units within the thriving Gangnam district.

As the real estate market in South Korea faces broader challenges, this unprecedented response to the sale of three units in The H Firstier IPark underscores the unwavering demand for properties in Gangnam. The success of this sale is not only a testament to the attractiveness of the apartments but also indicative of the unique dynamics at play in the real estate landscape of this bustling metropolis.



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