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5 Ways an iTaskers Can Make Your Life Easy This Holiday

Updated: May 10, 2023

It's almost Christmas! And day by day, your list of the things you need to do and plan is piling up! Worry less because iTaskApp is here to lend you a hand. Check these five things an iTasker can do to make your life easier this holiday season.

Cleaning Services

When we say cleaning, we mean cleaning everything. iTaskApp offers different cleaning services. From rugs to windows to appliances, even deep house cleaning, cleaning every nook and space, there is.

Maybe you want to clean your truck, but you're lazy, then book your mobile car wash service!

Home Maintenance

If you're planning to do your house maintenance before the holidays, book this service now on iTaskApp; tell us your desired work to be done (bathroom caulking, tile repair, roof repair), and our iTaskers will do it professionally.

Appliance Services

Of course, your appliances need installation and repair as well. So if ever you're furnace is not heating up, or your cooking range isn't in good condition, or you have a new appliance that you want to be installed, whether its installation, repair, or removal, our iTAskers have the tools, equipment, and skills your task needs.


So you want to repaint your exterior wall for a holiday, to make it look more lively when the lights are up. Then your go-to place is iTaskApp because we have different painting services that suit your need. From wall to ceiling to a complete house painting, we've got it all.

Event Planning and Personal chef

Yes! You read it right; we also offer event planning services! So if your house is the destination for this year's Christmas party or dinner, then the help you need is with iTaskApp. We offer a full-service event planner! If you need help preparing the food, you can book our chef and pastry baker service!


When services are of excellent quality, customer satisfaction grows. So we try our best to improve our service more for our dear customers! And you can only get this when you register with us here at iTaskApp. Don’t forget your discount when you register with us for the first time.


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