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5 Things to Know Before Signing Up as an iTasker

Updated: May 10, 2023

Are you a passionate person who likes to fix things, organize events, landscape, teach musical instruments, etc.? Someone who wants to help others but also be able to do what you love? Well, you're in the right place! Head on to and be one of our iTasker, where you can lend a hand to people from simple home repairs to errands.

Things To Know About iTaskApp

During this coronavirus pandemic, it isn't easy to know how to help. You may realize that you have more time than ever before, or you may discover that you have nothing to do and nowhere to go. At the same time, the news is full of tales about people struggling in many ways across the world. It's easy to become overwhelmed and perplexed about how you can assist.

Consider these five things before signing up and be one of our iTasker:

What is iTaskApp?

Now you might be wondering, who is iTaskApp, and why does it give such excellent services? As a helpful online page, we think individuals should have alternatives when determining who can help them with a project. They have the right to choose the best pricing provided to them and deserve to receive the most satisfactory service possible to find.

How does iTaskApp work?

Maybe you need to repair leakage from your sink or plan an event for a party or celebration, but you don't know how to fix them or where to ask for help. iTaskApp is the perfect solution; visit our website or the app on your phone and search for the kind of service you need, there you will select the types on how you're going to pay for the service and fill in the requirements needed so that you can proceed with the service.

What does iTaskApp offer?

iTaskApp offers various services, from maintenance to errands, from renovating a room to holding an event. You can get anything from iTaskApp, even a personal chef who can serve you quality comfort foods that make your day better. We also offer discounts that you can find at the Discount Club on the app and the website, offering this to our registered clients while providing them quality service. Client loyalty is always related to service quality, and service quality is one aspect of customer satisfaction and a significant component in determining customer pleasure.

What does iTaskApp stand for?

To start, "I" stands for people, the people who we serve and provide with the finest services to help them with their problems at home. Not only is it helpful to others and a beautiful thing to do, but it also makes us happier and healthier. Giving also bonds us with others, building communities and assisting in the establishment of a good society for everybody. We may also offer our time, ideas, and energies in addition to money. Do something kind if you want to feel good!

"Task" stands for "We can do it!". Doing tasks alone sucks; you'll always want someone to assist and guide you to complete the task. Here at iTaskApp, we don't just help and give service; we build trust and connection.

And "App" stands for Us because We can build it. We can provide you with answers and solutions to your problems. We understand what you're currently going through and understand why you're looking for an answer to help you. We focus on solving your problems, offering you the right solutions.

How can I be an iTasker?

Want to share your knowledge in playing instruments or help a family decorate for an important event? iTaskApp can help you share your service by signing up as one of our iTasker.

Just head on to our website,, and sign up as an iTasker, fill up the required information to create your account, and once done, you can now offer your service to a variety of people. You can get paid "per task" for a set appointment or "per hour" if the client needs more than one task to complete.


When services are of excellent quality, customer satisfaction grows. So we try our best to improve our service more for our dear customers! And you can only make it better when you register with us to be an iTasker here at iTaskApp. Because we lend a hand with everything from home repairs to errands.


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