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5 Bathroom Cleaning Tricks You Need

Keeping your bathroom clean is probably low on your list of favorite activities. After all, nobody has ever said they like cleaning the bathroom or removing mildew stains. Regarding household tasks, cleaning the bathroom is at the top of the list of punishments. Thinking back to your first employment or weekend duties, you'll remember that cleaning bathrooms are low on the must-do list. This doesn't imply, however, that it has to be a tedious or unpleasant chore with no reward at the end.

Cleaning the bathroom regularly is essential for more than simply aesthetic reasons; it may help you and your family stay healthy. The cleanliness of the restrooms may have a significant impact on how many people use them regularly. Every day, spend a minute or two wiping down surfaces and devote more time and energy to cleaning once a week. Some of the benefits of keeping your restroom tidy are listed below.

Here are 5 bathroom cleaning tricks you need.

1. Let your toilet bowl scrubber dry before storing

To prevent the bristles from becoming brown, flush the toilet brush with clean water after each use. Please let the brush air dry before putting it away. Don't let the holder's bottom become a mucky soup of water and germs. Pick a holder that raises the brush head away from the holder's base to protect the bristles from becoming bent or broken. In the bathroom, use a wand that has replaceable heads. After each usage, wipe the handle off with a disinfectant wipe and set it aside to dry. No holder is required since the grip may be stashed in a drawer, hung on a hook, or placed beneath the sink.

2. Putting essential oils on cotton balls at the bottom of your trash bin

Cotton balls drenched in essential oil produce a fluffy, tiny odor-fighting cloud that helps to keep the space inside and around your garbage can smelling lovely. If you put an oiled cotton ball in the bottom of your garbage can, below the liner, you may get a few more loads out of this hack. Remember to swap it out once a week when you take out the garbage. Or after a couple loads have been completed.

3. Stamp your toilet paper for a fancy finish

You may have noticed a trend recently toward more aesthetically pleasing toilet paper rolls, such as those that are folded into a point or a bow and secured with a fake wax seal. The Pixie Stamp is a free and simple way to make a wax stamp that looks like a real one. There's more than one way to pixie stamp, and the woman who came up with the concept has many more gorgeous (and quick and free) ideas to share if you follow her on Instagram.

4. Scrub your shower with a Swiffer for hard-to-reach areas

Homeowners who have hard floors often turn to the Swiffer Sweeper floor mop, but this handy equipment can also be used to clean the walls, trim, and other surfaces in the bathroom. Swiping the Swiffer's dry cloth down the wall with the rectangular end attached may collect dust, cobwebs, and other debris. Then, to gather the dust that rapidly accumulates around the window and door trim, push one edge of the rectangular end along the trim. Thanks to its extension handle, Swiffer makes it easy and safe to reach these places without needing a step stool or ladder. Simply discard the dusting cloth after each use.

5. Put essential oil inside the toilet paper roll to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Essential oils may turn a used toilet paper roll into a pleasant-smelling air freshener you won't even want to throw away. Infuse the bathroom with your preferred aroma with only a drop of oil added to the rolls' inside. However, you should ensure that the oil does not seep through the paper. Some essential oils, particularly those used often in aromatherapy, may irritate the skin. You shouldn't use the remaining paper squares if oil makes its way through the cardboard. But other than that, this is a foolproof strategy.

It's terrible for our health if the bathroom is always a mess. A week is a long time for bacteria and viruses to hang around on washroom surfaces. A clean bathroom is one of the most robust defenses against catching a contagious disease. If you simply want to forget about the outside world, there may not be anything better than a steamy shower after a long day at work or school.

Keeping your bathroom spotless is a simple way to ensure your health and safety. Despite appearances, germs may hide in your bathroom in hard-to-reach places, even if you regularly clean it. To keep your home's bathrooms clean and safe for your family, it's essential to hire a professional cleaning service.