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4 Smartest House Worldwide

Updated: May 10, 2023

What do you think of first when you hear the word "Smart House"? Technologies? Futuristic style? Robots?

A smart house is a handy home setting where appliances and equipment are managed remotely from anywhere. The internet connects all of the devices in a smart home. They let the user remotely control services like home security, heating, lighting, and a home theater.

The features of an intelligent home are linked together and accessed from a single location. One home automation system can operate door locks, televisions, thermostats, home monitors, cameras, lighting, and even appliances. Some home automation systems notify the homeowner if any motion is detected while they are gone. In an emergency, others can contact the police or fire service.

There are many smart houses worldwide, but we'll just name a few. Let's check out the four smart homes around the world!

The Heliotrope, Freiburg, Germany

This fantastic house in Germany was hailed as the first house that generates more power than it can consume. It continuously rotates following the sun to get the most sunlight and heat. It has a 6.6kw dual-axis solar PV tracking panel and a geothermal heat exchanger. The Heliotrope also recycles greywater and rainfall for household use. It has a composting toilet that generates heat and hot water.

Maximum Security Mansion, Evergreen, Colorado

This 12,000-square-foot residence sits on a 32-acre estate outfitted with a $6 million surveillance and security system that matches a top-secret installation. Thermal imaging and night vision cameras secure the home can be watched from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop in the world. Thermal imaging cameras combined with specific software can trace a handprint on a wall for up to 20 minutes after being placed. The sensor system can also detect water leaks at every sink and toile and any sharp 10-degree temperature spike.

Switchable Skins, Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles

Created by Proto Homes, this hybrid house can be customized to the owner's liking. They can also install their features, whether it is on the windows or the lightings inside the house, change temperature, and control their fireplace; all of this can be controlled using an iPad.

The Gates' Home, Lake Washington, Washington

And last but not least, of course, the home of the one and only CEO and founder of Microsoft. Well, most of us are not shocked that the house of the Microsoft CEO is included, but do we know the features of the Bill Gates house?

Bill and Melinda Gates' Lake Washington estate has heated roads, floors, and pathways for their comfort and guests throughout the year. Touchscreen screens cover walls that enable customers to navigate the massive 66,000 square foot residence. They operated panels by pins worn by inhabitants and guests, configured with their music, temperature, lighting, and other preferences.


Our buildings are becoming more technologically advanced as our technical skills grow. For the time being, expect to pay a fortune for a home equipped with cutting-edge technology such as automated butlers, iPad-controlled systems, and more. However, all of these features may become common soon. Which of these homes piques your interest?

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