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1st Canadian coins bearing King Charles's image to be unveiled by Royal Canadian Mint today

In a historic moment, the Royal Canadian Mint is set to unveil the first-ever Canadian coins adorned with the likeness of King Charles. The eagerly anticipated revelation will take place during a news conference at 1 p.m. CT today at the mint's production facility in Winnipeg, where the nation's circulation coins are minted.

Canadian citizens and enthusiasts worldwide will have the opportunity to witness the historic event through a live stream hosted by CBC News. This unprecedented move sees King Charles's image gracing one side of all Canadian coins, marking a significant departure from the familiar portraits of previous monarchs.

The artistic rendering of King Charles's visage is the result of the talent of Canadian portrait artist Steven Rosati. Renowned for his previous contributions to the mint, including the design of six silver National Hockey League goalie coins and a commemorative loonie celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Rosati brings a distinctive touch to this regal representation.

A select number of the 2023 coins featuring King Charles are expected to enter circulation early next month, creating a sense of anticipation and intrigue among Canadians. These coins will find their way into the hands of the public, becoming tangible pieces of history that will likely be cherished for generations to come.

Coin enthusiasts and collectors eager to acquire these historic pieces won't have to wait long, as coin exchanges are anticipated to commence later this month. Boutiques situated in the mint's Ottawa and Winnipeg locations will be the focal points for these exchanges, providing a unique opportunity for Canadians to obtain these limited-edition coins directly from the source.

The decision to showcase King Charles on the nation's currency symbolizes a nod to Canada's historical ties with the monarchy and a continuation of the tradition of featuring reigning monarchs on its coinage. The incorporation of contemporary artistic elements, as exemplified by Steven Rosati's work, adds a modern touch to this age-old tradition, ensuring the coins are not only historical artifacts but also pieces of art.

As the first Canadian coins featuring King Charles make their way into circulation, they are likely to spark conversations about the historical significance of the monarchy and its enduring connection with Canada. Beyond their face value, these coins become tangible expressions of the evolving identity of a nation that respects its history while embracing contemporary artistic expressions.