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10 Things To Do Every Month to Keep Your Appliances New

Owning a house is a huge commitment, and it may be challenging to stay on top of all the required upkeep. However, by being proactive with a few primary care areas, you may frequently prevent spending money on repairs. Most of us only give our home appliances much consideration once something goes wrong with them. We then have to rush to purchase supper, do dishes ourselves, or use the washing machine belonging to our next-door neighbor.

1. Change your Air Filter

As a crucial but frequently overlooked component, air filters play a critical role in a building's climate control system. They remove pollen and dust particles that might otherwise circulate around the house, lowering air quality. However, it may turn on you if you need to periodically replace the air filter in your home. Most HVAC systems break down because of dirty air filters. Having pets or living in a particularly polluted location are two reasons why it's essential to update your air filter every month or two. Changing an air filter is a cheap and easy DIY project without special tools or expertise. See the manual for your specific unit for your system's correct filter size and MERV rating.

2. Deep Clean Washing Machine

Bacteria may be trapped in a thin film created by the soap residue and detergent chemicals that build up within your washing machine. This detergent residue also acts as a trap for odor particles, so your washing machine may begin to smell musty. If the situation worsens, the odor may even transfer to your clothes. White vinegar is an effective disinfectant and sanitizer, and its acidity aids in removing stubborn residue. As the vinegar goes down the drain, it may also clean the pipes themselves. Deodorizing white vinegar helps eliminate foul smells in the drain basin and septic tank. To amp up the zing of the clean scent, sprinkle in some baking soda. Soap scum and lingering smells may be "exfoliated" removed with its help.

3. Clean out the Washing Machine Debris Filter

You should clean your dryer's lint trap as often as you clean the filter in your washing machine. It's not only bad for the clothing and the machine if you don't clean the washer's filter regularly. Finding the filter, removing it, soaking and washing it clean, returning it, and doing a quick, empty wash cycle are all parts of cleaning the filter. Known tiktoker Larae once said, "Make sure you use a towel and a bowl since the first time I tried this, I got water everywhere,"

Take the filter out of its case and use a moist cleaning cloth to remove dust and lint. The filter housing may then be cleaned of lint and dust with the fabric. Soak the filter in hot water and a small quantity (approximately 1 tsp. ) of dish soap or liquid laundry detergent in a container big enough to immerse the filter for 10 minutes, then scrape the filter to remove buildup. Place it back into the filter housing of the washing machine and double-check that it fits snugly. Check sure the filter is in place by running a short cycle through the washer. Pull the filter out and replace it in its housing if you find any leaks.