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10 Home Improvement To Tackle With Your Contractor Before Listing Your Home

There are steps you can take to raise the value of your house ahead of time. A quarter of sellers who make home upgrades sell their homes for more than the price. Is it too much to expect for a bidding war?

Before placing your property on the market, have a conversation with your contractor about home repair jobs to help you raise your house value.

Increase the height of the walls and the size of the windows

Room after room will be transformed with the addition of stunning new molding and trim. If you're not expecting it, these classic touches may provide an air of refinement and beauty to any room. Custom-made window valances that match or enhance the room's new trim are a great finishing touch.

Get back into the kitchen and rekindle a passion for cooking

One of the most important things you can do to enhance your house is to remodel the kitchen. As a homeowner, you're undoubtedly sick of stumbling about on worn-out counters and cramped cabinetry. Buying a home with a beautiful new kitchen is a deal breaker for many people.

Cleanup of the Cabinets Below

Discoloration and spillage may occur when food and liquids are stored under the sink. Lay down squares of self-adhesive vinyl tiling on the floor of your sink cabinet if it needs some TLC. A square costs around a dollar in home stores, and they have a smooth surface that is simple to clean with a damp cloth.

Use stairways as a new start.

New stairways, inside and out, are a great way to give your house a dramatic makeover. Incorporating buried lights into the undersides of individual steps or along staircase sides under the polished oak railings w